Marketing With Articles: Conquer Your Competition

Want a sure way to conquer your competition online? You can’t go wrong with marketing with articles. However you do need to think strategically.

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Here are two tips.

1. Find out what your keywords are worth.

Before you start marketing with articles you need to find out which keywords your customers use to find you. An easy way of doing this is by running a pay per click campaign. You aren’t running the campaign in order to make money, you’re doing it for market research.

You want to know which keywords are most popular and which keywords convert for you.

Once you know that, you can write articles to target those key words so you can get found in the organic search results.

The big benefit of marketing with articles is that your keyword-rich articles will keep sending you traffic for years to come — for free.

2. Develop a consistent long-term article marketing campaign.

Many companies start article marketing but then give up after 5 to 10 articles. This is useless. You must develop a long-term article marketing campaign; the campaign should have definite targets and should have a deadline.

Track your campaign — the reason you do this is so that your next campaign will be even more successful.

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