Merry Christmas! Got your sites ready?

The holidays are coming — are you making the most of the upcoming Christmas holiday shopping season?

I’ve just been studying the Sunday newspapers. I want to see what people will be buying over the next couple of months. I’ve found found several ideas for new Web sites, and I’ll be implementing them during the coming week. It’s a little late is to start creating new sites, but there’s still enough time if I put some effort into promoting the sites — these sites will make quite a bit of money pre-Christmas.

The months leading up to Christmas are a huge time in the online shopping world. Make sure that you’re getting your share of the Christmas profits. The benefit of creating sites is that they will earn money for many Christmases to come.

Not sure what kind of sites to create? Follow your own interests. If you’re a female affiliate marketer chances are that you are interested in topics like fashion and diet. If you’re a male affiliate marketer you’ll probably be interested in technology and gadgets. Whatever your interests, you can cash in on them during this holiday shopping season.

Make money writing Web sites

If you can use a word processor, you can write Web sites.

Many writers shy away from creating Web sites… they imagine it’s too techy, too complex. It’s not. A small simple site can begin earning money for you very quickly. As a rule of thumb, if you’ve created a site in an area in which there are advertisers you can start earning five to ten dollars a day per site. Now $10 a day isn’t much. But what if you had ten sites all earning $10 day? That’s $100 a day, which is $36,500 a year, just from ten simple sites. What if you had 20 such sites, all earning you $10 a day – or even more – in fact, some sites will earn you $100 a day? “Super-Fast Money-Making Web Sites For Writers: Join The Web-Publishing Bonanza” shows you how.

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