Mini Site Formula Review: Make Money Online With Tiny Web Sites

Do you want to make money online? There are many systems you can use to do this, and one of the most popular is web publishing. A new product by Joel Peterson has just been released, called the Mini Site Formula. I was intrigued by all the hype surrounding it, so I bought it.

1. The Way It Works

If you’re already a web publisher, there isn’t much in the Mini Site Formula which is new to you. However you will will pick up some excellent time-saving tips. You’ll also find dozens ways to monetize your sites, some of which you may not have considered.

Essentially the Mini Site Formula comprises 19 videos recorded by Joel Peterson. If you’re new to web publishing, the videos will be a very valuable resource. They show you very clearly, step-by-step, how to perform essential processes.

However if you’re an experienced web publisher some of the videos will be tedious and you can skip them. You already know all the information.

2. What if You’ve Never Created a Site Before?

If you’re completely new to web publishing you’re the program’s intended audience. You’ll find that the formula is already working for many people. However the way job Peterson presents it is new, and if you follow the method he outlines you will succeed.

3. Will Every Site You Create Make Money for You?

Although Joel shows you how to research topics for your sites, it’s impossible to predict success. I’ve created many sites which I thought were sure winners which turned out to be duds. This happens to everyone, and it’s not a problem. The program encourages you to create many sites, and you’re sure to find some winners among them.

4. What You Need to Succeed: Persistence

I enjoyed the Mini Site Formula videos and what I found most useful was Joel’s emphasis on method and persistence. If you take this advice to heart you will be ahead of 95% of web publishers.

The mini site formula is a great solution for anybody who wants to make money online, whether you’re new or established. However here’s what I didn’t like about the program: although Joel provides you with a PDF of the slides he uses in his video presentations, there are no transcripts. This means you’ve got to sit through all the videos. As stated, established web publishers will find this tedious at best and annoying at worst.

However, I enjoyed the program, and found sufficient tips to make the purchase very worthwhile — they’ll definitely increase my income.

Would I recommend the Mini Site Formula for you if you want to make money online? Yes I would. It’s a comprehensive, wide-ranging program, and if you follow the advice given you will succeed.

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