New blogger? Take the free and easy scenic route to blogging success


I’ve been blogging for a decade, and in my blogging training, I encourage bloggers to focus on content first. Create your first couple of blogs on a free platform. It’s content which gets you found in the search engines, and starts you making money from your blog.

Once you’re comfortable with creating content regularly, you can switch to WordPress, or another blogging application for pro bloggers.

But which free blogging platform should you use?

Either Blogger, or Posterous, are excellent if you’re new to blogging. You can set up a Blogger blog in less than one minute. Posterous is even easier to set up: just send an email message, and you’ve created a blog.

Remember that content always comes first. It’s much more important than the platform you use.

Once you’ve established your blog, and are making money with it, you can always set up a WordPress site, and can then import your free blog’s content if you wish.

Best-ever WordPress theme for affiliate marketers, and professional bloggers

Looking for the best WordPress theme (which comes with its own squeeze page template)? FlexSqueeze makes setting up WordPress in any niche amazingly easy. I love it, and I’ve already deployed it on several sites. (I’ll be converting all my sites to this theme — it has everything you need.)

This theme just works, and if you’re an experienced blogger, you know how truly rare that is.

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