Niche affiliate marketing: looking for teeny niches?

From talking with my Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) students, I know that many want to find tiny niches with X number of searches and Y results pages. I always advise against this.

Here’s why:

* Small niches mean small search numbers, and fewer high-paying affiliate products in the niche

* It’s an overused strategy that worked well in 2004. Times have changed

* It takes just as long to get traction in a teeny niche as it does in a “big” niche.

An, as Don’t Be Afraid of Big Niches | Click Consultants Affiliate Marketing Blog points out:

“Big niches are more saturated and there is more competition, but there is also a ton more volume and keywords that work in these niches.  In smaller niches, if you start getting into the long tail keywords of 3 or more words, you very quickly realize that you’re just not able to get any decent volume, while in bigger niches, you are able to go into these long tail keywords and still rake in the volume because there are just that many more people searching for these products or services!”

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