Niche marketing – how to research a niche

You’ll often come across the term – “niche” marketing.

Niche marketing can mean various things, but it’s often used to mean finding a profitable niche you could explore online, and making money from it. In essence therefore, “niche” marketing is just picking a particular topic, or niche, which is a money-maker.

Usually you find niches by researching keywords, although there are other ways – watching what makes the news, for example.

Let’s see how you’d find a niche to explore with affiliate marketing, in the dog topic. The topic/ niche “dogs” is very broad. It’s so broad that to get traffic from the search engines you’ll need a site of several thousand pages.

That’s too broad to be viable, but just sub-divide the topic, into:

dog food
dog beds
dog collars
dog kennels
dog training

While “dogs” is not a true niche, “dog beds” is.

You don’t need a lot of traffic to make money from your niche idea.

Check out this keyword tool.

Type “dog beds” without the quotes.

Dog beds gets around 944 searches a day (estimates for all search engines). That’s WAY more than you need. Any word which gets more than 50 searches a day and has advertisers is a money making niche.

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