Online Marketing: 3 Easy, Free Tips

Online marketing can be expensive, but here are three easy free tips you can use today.

1. Edit the keywords on older webpages.

As your business grows you learn more about your customers. You learn what brings them to a webpage, and you know what they’re looking for.

Check out older pages on your website and edit the keywords to reflect what you now know about your customers. Change ineffective keywords to “buying” keywords. You may need to edit the pages’ content slightly to reflect your new keywords.

2. Create a list.

If you already have a customer list, create another one.

The lifeblood of any business is it your contact list. You should have many lists of both prospects and buyers.

Today create one list — you can advertise the list in any way you please.

As incentive for people to sign up to your list, give them a freebie.

3. Review your upsells.

You do have upsells don’t you? (The classic upsell: “Will you have fries with that?”)

Whatever you’re selling you should always have an upsell. The type of upsell may be directly related to a product, or it may be something completely different.

If you don’t have any upsells for your products, spend an hour or so thinking about how you can create at least one. Almost any business or industry lends itself to upsells, so if you are not using them you’re missing out on income.

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