WordPress Blogging: Capture your best ideas and use them later

Got a WordPress blog? If you have, check out the WordPress plugin, Post Ideas+.

As the plugin’s name suggests, it helps you to track blog post ideas. If you’re anything like me, you get ideas all the time, and write them down on any handy piece of paper, or in your To Do List. This is great, but if you have many blogs, you lose track of just where you noted your ideas for a particular blog.

Now you can keep your ideas FOR a blog, ON that blog. When you’re ready to work with a blog, log in to the dashboard, and look up your ideas.

Here’s what Post Ideas+ looks like on your WordPress dashboard.


I enjoy this plugin, but as Jonathan Bailey warns, there are a couple of problems you should be aware of:

For one, though the plugin pre-populates the title of the post when you write a post idea, it doesn’t seem to carry over the other information. The tags are not put in as tags, and the other elements, including the links and description, disappear. This can be very frustrating if you forget to open the links you were saving before hitting the “Write” link.

I’m avoiding hassles just by saving the idea, then when I’m ready to write it, I hit Edit, and copy the data, then I write the post in my desktop editor, MarsEdit. Yes, it’s a workaround, but at least you’ve captured the idea at the moment inspiration strikes.

If you’re using WordPress to create your Mini Site Formula sites, you’ll love this plugin. It can be a real challenge to keep up with all your sites — but as you know, it’s worth it. :-)

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Niche Marketing Without Tears: a Simple No-Sweat Technique to Make Money

If you’re new to making money online, you’ve heard the term “niche marketing”, and were told to “find a niche.” Six months later, you’re more confused than ever. You don’t know where to start. Here’s how.

1. What Magazines Do You Read?

Niches are basically topics. To find a profitable niche, check which magazines you read regularly. Do you read gossip magazines? Do you read fashion magazines? As well as checking out your own reading habits, look at what your spouse and children are reading.

Magazines are always created around topics which are profitable, because magazines depend on advertisers to survive. Once you know that there are advertisers in an area, you know that money is being spent.

Next go to your favorite search engine, and type in the topics you found. Find websites and blogs on these particular topics, and read them. Do these sites carry advertising? If they do, the sites are making money.

2. Choose a Topic

Your next step is to choose a topic which you like. The more interest you have in a topic and the more knowledgeable you are about it, the easier it will be for you to make money in this area.

3. Write Down Your Opinions

Everyone has opinions. Your opinions matter, because the more passion you have for an area, and the more honest you are, the easier you’ll find it to make sales, because you’ll be real and credible to your audience.

Write down your opinions about the topic you’ve chosen. Be honest.

(If you go back to the sites which you found, you’ll see that each site has its own point of view.)

4. Find Products to Promote

Now you’ve found a topic, and you’ve decided on your own particular point of view, it’s time to find some products to promote. Go back to your search engine, and type “topic + affiliates” in the search query field.

Sign up for several affiliate programs. Now start promoting those programs.

5. Create a Niche Website

You may be tempted to spend a lot of money and time setting up a website — don’t do that. Create a site as quickly as you can by using any of the free site-creation tools which are available online

Follow this simple process and you’ll become a proficient niche marketer without tears.

“Affiliate marketing is a scam!”


I used to think that too, until I found Wealthy Affiliate. Join us: we’re the happiest online marketers you’ll find, and the friendliest too. Turn your hobby into a full-time, exciting career — you get ALL the information, tools (great tools!) and help you need.

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AdSense Link Units Updated

Are you using AdSense link units on your site or blog?

I’ve got into the habit of using them, because they’re not as intrusive as full-blown ads.

The Inside AdSense Blog says link units have been re-engineered: “The new system is much smarter: it not only uses more sophisticated topic ranking algorithms but also continuously optimizes by learning which topics have the most appeal to the visitors of your site.”

You can put up to three link units on any page, as well as your three normal ad units — but if you shove this much advertising on a page, it will look cluttered, unless it’s an exceptionally long page.

Give link units a try. They’re small, and with this update, they may be exactly what your site’s visitors are looking for.

Introducing — Angela Booth’s Lazy Rich Blogger method

After several years of trial and error, these days I create blogs which I know will make money: I’ve cracked the code. Not only do my blogs make money almost immediately, they’ll also keep on making money for years to come.

If you wish, you can join me on the blogging journey. I hope you do. As the Internet grows ever larger, there are endless opportunities which can turn you into a lazy, rich blogger.

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Set up Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business Online Today: 5 Easy Tips

Affiliate marketing is easy, isn’t it? After all, there are millions of products you can sell, and hundreds of thousands of people make an income online selling them. Unfortunately, many more people start this endeavor than succeed.

Of course you can beat the odds. All it takes is enthusiasm, and — yes, hard work. Just as Rome wasn’t build in a day, so your home business won’t be built in a day either.

Let’s look at five easy tips which will help you to get started today.

1. Get Your Own Website, With Your Own Domain Name

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, you need your own website, which you control. If you depend on a “free” site, it may or may not be online tomorrow, depending on whether or not the company stays in business, and whether or not the company stays friendly to affiliate marketers.

2. Choose One Product You Use, and Can Promote With Confidence

Only you are you, and only you have your opinions. Become an affiliate for a product you use. Then write a review of it, and explain its good and bad points. Your review doesn’t have to be 100 per cent positive: include what you don’t like.

3. Add Relevant Content to Your Site

Your site needs to be about something. Choose a topic related to the kinds of products you’ll be promoting.

The days of one-product review sites are over. These days, to get traffic, you site needs original content, and lots of it.

4. Add More Content, and More Affiliate Products

As you add more content, write about and review additional products. The topic of your site has an audience, and that audience has many needs and interests. This means that you can extend the scope of your marketing to promote new products.

For example, if your site’s topic is dog training, you don’t need to confine yourself to promoting product for dogs. Yes, dog products will be your main focus, but you could also promote travel options, because dog owners go on vacation too.

5. Keep Going: Persistence Wins

Here’s the most important tip: keep working on your site, and adding content and products. If you do, you can’t fail.

Write and sell your next ebook in just a week

Want to make money online? It’s an open secret that the way to success is creating ebooks. Ebooks sell 24x7x365: you can make money while you sleep.

If you’ve been putting off writing and selling ebooks because the whole process takes so long – how does one week sound?

Yes, you can have your first (or next) ebook selling online in a week.

Discover the Private Label Rights content secret in “PLR Profits Plan: 7 Days to Profits with Private Label Rights Content” and create your next ebook, Web site, or other information product today.

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5 Ways to Succeed As an Article Marketer

If you’re new to using article marketing to promote your business and products, you may be disappointed at the results. While this form of promotion is effective, it needs to be part of an overall plan. Let’s look at five ways you can succeed.

1. Make Article Marketing Part of the Plan for Your Business

Your promotions must be part of an overall plan for your business. The more completely you can integrate the process into your plans, the great your results. You’ll know what you’re measuring.

For example, perhaps you want to increase sales by ten per cent for this quarter. Work out how you can use article marketing to help you to achieve that, and then create article campaigns.

2. Create Campaigns: Measure to Get the Results You Want

Always think in terms of measurable results. Let’s say you’re launching a new product. Create an article marketing campaign. This means: create landing pages with tracking code, so you can see which articles are sending you traffic, and where that traffic is coming from. You should also decide when the campaign will begin and end, and how many articles you’ll create.

3. Become Proficient at Keyword Research

Keywords are important, because they help your articles to get found. Therefore, invest a little time in keyword research, and learn how to use them effectively.

4. Understand Your Market, and What It Wants

Although keyword research is important, it’s not all-important. The information you provide in your articles is key to your success.

You need to understand what your market wants. What kind of information are they looking for? Will the information you provide in your articles lead to conversion — that is, will it help you to make sales?

5. Promote Your Articles, Online and Offline

It may come as a surprise to you to realize that while articles are a form of promotion, you also need to promote those articles to your prospects.

There are many ways in which you can do this. Consider Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, or banner advertising.

You more traffic you get to your articles, the more sales you will make.

What if you had 1000 websites, each making $3 a day?


Yes, that would be $3000 a day, which is over ONE MILLION dollars a year. That would take care of the mortgage, wouldn’t it? If you think this is just a dream, explore the Mini Site Formula. You could be well on the way to your 1000 sites within a day or two.

DIY Copywriting – the Secret to Big Sales Every Day

Copywriting has been called the secret of business success, and it’s no exaggeration. Expert copywriting can double and triple your profits within a year.

However, top copywriters are expensive. Worse, they’re always booked well in advance.

What if you could do your own copywriting? You can become an expert copywriter with Angela Booth’s “Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” – the class takes you from beginner to copywriting pro.

Do your own copywriting: sell more. Discover the communications’ secrets of the top copywriters. At the end of the class, not only can you do your own copywriting, you can also sell your copywriting services to others.

Enroll in “Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” now.

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Writing articles: do article spinners work?

Every so often, I get questions about article spinners. Many of these applications are available. Some you download to your computer, others are used as web apps.

Essentially these apps work by turning one article you’ve written into many articles, in various ways.

Do they work?

A disclaimer up front: I don’t use article spinners. I tried one web-based spinner a few years ago, and didn’t like it. As far as I could tell, it did no harm, but there were no visible benefits FOR ME in using it either.

Before you consider buying such an app, ask yourself a couple of questions: “What are my online goals? How will a spinner help me to achieve them?”

Write down the answers. If you wrote something like: “I want to make as much money as fast as possible” for example, then describe how the spinner will help you to achieve that.

I’m neither for article spinners, nor against them. Just be clear in your own mind how, when, where and why you’ll use such an application. Otherwise, you’re just wasting money, and time.

Create the perfect writing business: become an ebook entrepreneur


Stop trading hours for money. You can remove the blocks on your income with my ebook-creators package. You discover my secrets, developing over years of writing and selling information products.

Ebooks and other information products are HOT. If you can write, you’re golden. Get started creating your ebook empire today.

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Article Marketing: 3 Clever Ways to Improve Your Results Fast

Have you discovered article marketing? It’s an excellent way to market your business, because it’s free advertising. let’s look at three ways you can boost the results you get.

1. Promote Your Articles

Your articles are promotions, but have you ever considered that you should also promote your articles? Promoting your articles means you get more traffic to your site, and more conversions.

You can promote your articles by using press releases.

This is very effective, because they will keep sending you traffic for years to come.

You can also promote your articles using the social media. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are useful, and you can turn your articles into YouTube videos.

2. Get Links to Your Articles

When you publish your articles in directories, you hope that the site’s visitors will republish your articles on their own sites, and will include the resource box. Any link back to your own site gives you more traffic.

You can also approach publishers directly, offering them exclusive articles that you’ve written just for them. (However, please don’t spam anyone.)

Bloggers especially are always on the lookout for fresh content, so offer bloggers in your niche articles you’ve already written, or offer to write exclusive articles for them.

3. Use Your High-Conversion Articles to Understand Your Customers

Some of your articles will more popular than others. Review the statistics of your articles, and each month, check to see which of your articles received the most views and which resulted in the highest conversions.

Tracking your statistics helps you to understand your customers, and enables you to give them what they’re looking for. Remember that your customers’ needs are always changing. If you pay attention to your articles’ statistics you can catch trends early, and can benefit from them.

Did you enjoy these tips? Writing articles is a fun and easy way to make great money online, but there are other essential tips and tricks you must know. You can discover the secrets of the top article writers in Angela Booth’s powerful guide: “Article Dynamite: Make $100,000 a Year Writing and Selling Articles”. Angela shares her own article writing secrets with you for the first time.

Want to make $500 a day WRITING… from your home office?

Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products

Are you make as much money as you could be making? Chances are that you’re not. There’s no shame in this. Writers often struggle to find their own special niche.

If you love to write, then you’ll love the information in my new ebook/ coaching package, Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products.

Write what you like, when you like, and make an income you’ve only dreamed of.

Enjoy. :-)

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Affiliate marketing basic how-to: start today

Over the past week I’ve had several questions about how to get started with affiliate marketing.

Here’s the simplest way. The only thing you need is a website, and you can get that in two minutes by using Blogger.

Here’s how to start promoting products as an affiliate:

1. Go to Amazon.com, and join their affiliate program. Amazon sells products in almost any category you can imagine. Whatever the topic of your site, you’ll find products there you can sell with a few clicks.


You’ll find the link to join Amazon Associates (that’s their affiliate program) on the home page; scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see the link, as in the image above. Just follow the instructions to join.

2. All done? Great. Now search for something on Amazon.com that’s related to the topic of your blog.

For example, let’s say that you’re blogging about weight loss.

Just enter “weight loss” into the search field on the home page of Amazon.com.


I just did that, and I got the results you can see in the image above.

Click on a product you want to promote.

I clicked on the alli product.

Now look at the top of the product page, above the Amazon logo. You’ll see a grey link bar, as in the image below.


Click the link which says: “Link to this page”.

A box similar to the one in the image below will open.


Click the Highlight HTML button, and copy the code.

Now all you need to do is paste the code into your webpage, or blog post — the code already contains your affiliate information. Whenever someone buys using your link, you get credit for the sale, and once your affiliate sales mount up, you’ll get paid.

Simple, right? That’s all there is to getting started with affiliate marketing. Now go and sell some products. :-)

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Article Marketing Giants: Crunch! They Just Ate Your Lunch

If you do article marketing, you’re set in your cosy little ways. You’re making money, and the cost is minimal.

But listen: can you hear and feel those earth-shaking footsteps? What’s happening?

That’s the sound of the multi-million-dollar, high-spending companies coming to eat your lunch.

Two factors are combining to create this disaster:

* The global financial crisis — nowadays, for big companies, every dollar spent has to get a return; and

* Big companies’ customers have moved online, and they’re scrambling after them.

You’re about to face truly massive competition, which can out-spend you, and out-last you.

What can you do?

Chris Knight gives you some great ideas in this article: Big Business Comes to the Article Marketing Sandbox.

If you’re wise, you’ll take the steps he recommends. YES, you CAN save your lunch.

As Chris says:

“As article writers and marketers, we need realize that our sandbox is about to change forever and it’s going to get a whole lot busier. This change does NOT signal the end of our incredibly cool sandbox, though. Provided we take advantage of what we have that they don’t, there is a world of opportunity opening up as the big kids start playing with, and appreciating, the local kids with their pile of assorted sandbox toys.

To survive, and thrive, under this new paradigm you’ll need to be prepared for the changes that are coming. But with a little forethought, planning and action, everyone can ultimately succeed.”

Yes, you’re busy, and you don’t need this additional aggravation… but if they can, the big companies will snatch what you have. Remember however, that every crisis always contains an opportunity. This is your chance to revamp your business model, and make more money than ever.

The article marketing game is becoming truly exciting. :-)

Make money writing: discover the secrets of article marketing

Want to boost your income? “Article marketing” is highly popular with Web site owners, because articles are money in the bank to them.

As a writer, this means that article marketing can be a great income stream for you, if you know how article marketing works, and how to write articles and where to submit them.

Judy Cullins’ great three-book set Advanced Article Marketing can be your guide to a fantastic income stream, with a hidden benefit: you can use article marketing to boost your writing business as well.

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Affiliate Marketing: Is It Really Free?

Affiliate marketing is essentially free. You join an affiliate program and make money. Promote a product which sells for $500 and you could make $50 per sale. A way to coin money, right?

Yes and no.

While affiliate marketing is “free”, there is expense, both in time and in money. There’s no free lunch. :-)

Merchants create affiliate programs so that others will help them to promote their products — they’ll act as salespeople for them.

When you join an affiliate program, you need to work out how you’ll promote that particular product. The more time, energy and (yes) money you devote to this, the more you will sell.

Most new-comers fail at affiliate marketing because they don’t understand that the more they put in, the more they get. If you just paste banners all over your website, unless you’re amazingly lucky, you won’t make a cent from affiliate marketing.

It’s a business in which there are many ways to fail.

However, you can achieve success, when you approach your affiliate sales as a campaign. The best affiliate marketers spend a lot of time and money promoting products. They research their market, and their products. As much as possible, they make sure that a product they’re considering actually sells, because many products, for any number of reasons, don’t.

If you’re looking for a free way to make money online, affiliate marketing can work for you, as long as you understand that the first dollars you make need to be invested in your business over and over again, and that making money will take time.

If you understand this, affiliate marketing can not only work for you, it can also be your “free” road to riches.

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