Twitter affiliate marketing: one-click sales

Are you using Twitter for affiliate marketing?

I haven’t been; I use Twitter basically for fun and to increase awareness of my other sites.

Here’s a neat trick you can use to make money with Amazon and Twitter, at a single click, if you’re an Amazon affiliate.

How To Make Money Online With Amazon Using Twitter reports on

“Newly added to their toolbar is a ‘Share on Twitter’ button. This button allows you to instantly send a tweet with a link pointing directly to the product page your on. The link automatically shortens your affiliate link and includes it into the tweet.”

It’s a great way to make money quickly, but as Garry says, your links are very short-lived, so keep that in mind.

Get more from your software.

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ClickBank Affiliate: How Important is Gravity?

If you’re a ClickBank affiliate, you’re aware of gravity. Indeed, you may choose to promote products based solely on this particular indicator. If lots of affiliates are promoting the product, it must be great, right?

The short answer is: Maybe.

Perhaps the product is attracting lots of affiliates because it’s a great product, and it’s selling like the proverbial hot cakes.

On the other hand, the product may simply have had a huge launch. Launches attract affiliates. As the product’s gravity surges, more affiliates jump on: this is the reason why product creators aim to make their launch as big as possible: success breeds success.

What hidden gems are you missing out on when you focus on gravity?

Here’s a secret about ClickBank gravity: low gravity means little competition. As long as a low-gravity product meets a need, and it has a good sales page, then chances are you can do very well with it.

I like to test lots of new products — products which are so new, that they have no gravity at all. Some of these products are duds, but the occasional one is a little goldmine. With no competition, you can sell these products day after day, making a juicy little income on just four or five of these treasures.

Here’s what I do. I visit the ClickBank Research page on Wealthy Affiliate regularly, at least once or twice every week, and I check out the new products. If I find a product in a niche in which I’m interested, which has a good sales page, I buy the product (this is essential), and if I like it, I start promoting it.

Here’s what’s wrong with this method: I need to shift a lot of dirt before I find a diamond.

On the bright side, if I’ve found a diamond, I’ve found a product which will make money for me for months (if I’m lucky for years) to come.

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Affiliate Marketing: 3 Ways to Sell With Social Media

It’s predicted that social media marketing will be the big thing for many companies in 2010. They’re jumping on this particular bandwagon because they know they’ll make sales. But can affiliate marketers make sales on these sites?

The major challenge with making sales on popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube is that the traffic is focused on entertainment. People don’t visit the sites to buy, they visit to enjoy time with their friends. However you can certainly make sales if you approach the process in the right way.

Here are three ways to sell:

1. Integrate Twitter and Facebook With Your Website or Blog: It Increases Stickiness

Popular, fun sites can help to build traffic to your blog. Once readers reach your blog, your aim is to get them to read as much of your content as possible. Although they may not buy on their first visit, they’re becoming familiar with you, and they may buy on a subsequent visit.

There are many ways to integrate Twitter and other sites with your blog. Most major blogging platforms offer plug-ins and widgets to display your latest postings on your blog.

2. Build Relationships and Sell

One of the benefits of the social media sites is that they help you to build relationships with prospective buyers. You become a real person, and buyers prefer to buy from people they know.

Ensure that most comments you make are simple friendly interactions, rather than pitches — however don’t stray completely off-topic. You’ll need to stay on topic to increase your targeted traffic. Remember that by and large, this traffic is of low value. So you’ll need many more visitors to achieve conversions.

3. Listen to the Conversation: Can Your Affiliate Products Solve Problems?

Use the search tools which are available on the sites you’ve chosen. Set up alerts for keywords related to your affiliate products. Then just listen to the conversation, and respond as appropriate.

When you’re responding, ensure that you avoid direct selling. Forward people to a helpful blog post you’ve written, or offer your own insights. Sales happen on your affiliate products’ sales pages; you’re offering fun, as well as information.

Need a fast flood of traffic? Try this great new social bookmarking and blog commenting tool.

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Just ONE Affiliate Marketing Essential

Want to become an affiliate marketer? At the top levels, marketers are making millions. Many more marketers are making a great income.

Unfortunately however, many marketers never get traction: they waste money and years, chasing the next bright shiny “new” object, and barely make enough money to cover their basic costs.

Here’s the ONE affiliate marketing essential

There’s just one affiliate marketing essential you must have, and here it is: you must have a relationship with your buyers.

People will buy from your affiliate links consistently, if they know you and trust you.

Look at the top marketers: they build their lists, in any way they can. They know that their mailing list is cash in the bank to them.

Occasionally I browse affiliate marketing forums, and it’s easy to see who’ll make it in affiliate marketing and who won’t. The people who’ll make it aren’t looking for tricks.They avoid anything with “auto” in the title. They know that their success depends on their own efforts, and only on that.

If you understand that affiliate marketing is all about relationships, you’ll do well.

Want to develop a great affiliate marketing career? You can, at Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been a proud member for several years — join me there. (Let me know you’ve joined, and I’ll show you how to get started, and how to make the most of the site’s many great tools.

Need a fast flood of traffic? Try this great new social bookmarking and blog commenting tool.

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Social Bookmarking: Should You Add It to Your Marketing Arsenal?

Social bookmarking for online marketing has a several benefits:

* It can get your site indexed quickly;

* It’s free;

* It can help you to build your network.

Unfortunately, there are cons to using social bookmarking too:

* It can become a time sink;

* The traffic you receive is low-quality, because it’s “social”. Your traffic just isn’t in a buying mood.

My advice?

If you enjoy browsing the web, and bookmarking content which is useful to your audience (as well as your own content), by all means do it. It couldn’t hurt.

However, social bookmarking should never form more than a small part of your marketing strategy, as stated, the quality of the traffic you’ll get is low.

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How to Get Motivated to Make Money Online

If you’re new to making money online, you can get depressed if you don’t have instant success. After all, everyone else is making money, why aren’t you?

Here’s a secret. What people who are making great incomes won’t tell you is that there’s no such thing as instant success. Everyone starts where you are. Everyone mistakes mistakes. Everyone fumbles as they learn.

If you understand that it’s a learning process, and that you will succeed if you set goals and don’t quit, you’ll retain your motivation, most of the time.

Do you know how to set goals and achieve them? This is a master skill — once you learn the skill, you’ll have it for life, and you’ll achieve anything you want to achieve, because you’ll know how to get motivated.

Here’s how I learned.

Many years ago, when I was in my late twenties, I decided that I would achieve the goal I’d had since I was eight years old, and learned that people made money writing books.

I decided that I’d give myself until I was 40 to get a book published. If I hadn’t achieved it by then, I’d completely give up my childhood dreams.

The world was very different then. I wrote on an IBM typewriter: personal computers didn’t exist, nor did the web’s instant communication. I sent my manuscripts to the other side of the world by airmail.

I kept writing: I wrote one complete book proposal a month.

It took me less than 12 months to achieve my goal: a major international publisher gave me a contract for my first book.

Here’s how I did it:

1. I had a clearly defined goal, with a deadline;

2. I planned what I would do to achieve the goal;

3. I set daily tasks which would help me (I hoped) to achieve the goal; and

4. I worked every day, weekends included, on those tasks I’d set.

I stayed motivated because I had a burning desire (I was a big fan of Think & Grow Rich). This was my huge lifetime goal, and I was determined that I’d give it everything I had.

Of course I had doubts. Whenever they arose, I just thought about my goal again.

You can do this too. Set a major, all-consuming goal which arouses intense desire. Then create a plan, and work that plan.

Start by discovering the Think & Grow Rich process — you’ll get motivated, and you’ll achieve.

Selling Online? Increase your profits

Web copywriting skills are an essential tool for your online business success.

Whatever you’re selling: whether it’s your own products and service, or whether you’re acting as an affiliate for others, you must know how to sell online.

I’ve been coaching business owners in do-it-yourself copywriting skills for several years, simply because I believe that the person who knows the most about a product is the best copywriter for it.

Now I’ve turned that material into an ebook packed with tips – Angela Booth’s “Web Copywriting Profits: DIY Copywriting”. Discover how you can increase your profits today.

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Money: can you make $20,000 a month from Internet marketing?

How much money can you make from Internet marketing?

On a forum recently, a member asked whether it’s possible to make close to a quarter of a million dollars a year from Internet marketing.

I’m a big fan of the Think & Grow Rich books. They’ve stood the test of time, and are based on the principles that have allowed people to accumulate wealth through the ages. I reread Think & Grow Rich regularly, which is where my emphasis on desire and determination comes from in the response I gave.

Here’s some of my response to that forum member:

It’s possible if you want it enough.

You need:

* Desire
* Determination
* Focus

Others have done it; anyone on this forum can do it.

$20K a month is not brain surgery, nor is it putting a man on the moon.

If you believe it’s not possible for YOU, find out why.

Take a pen and paper, and set a timer for 10 minutes. Write: “I cannot, and never will be able to make $20,000 a month from Internet marketing, because__________”

Keep writing, until the timer goes off. The key here is just to keep writing — once you know what your disabling beliefs are, that may be all that’s necessary. Once they’re on paper, you can challenge them — you can’t challenge them if they’re unconscious.

This may be all you need to do to discover that yes, YOU can set a goal of $20K a month… and achieve it.

Re the pen and paper: you can type of course, but turn off your computer monitor. Keep your fingers clicking the keyboard. Your aim is to get past your censor and discover those beliefs which are standing in your way.

This technique works. I use it, and I’ve shown it to others and it’s worked for them too. try it. :-)

Come back in six months and let us know that you’ve had a $20K month…

I commend this simple exercise to you.

The key to the exercise is discovering your unconscious beliefs. By the way, if you have other challenges in your life, such as health, or relationship challenges, try this exercise on them, too. Our beliefs can cripple us.

Once you’ve done the exercise, you may well find that $20 a month is doable for you — if you believe you can, you can.

Imagine creating a blog which you KNOW will make an income…

You’ve heard about the great income you can make blogging, and how easy it is.

Unfortunately, most bloggers don’t succeed, because they don’t have a method to follow.

Now you can discover the secrets of blogging success with Angela Booth’s Lazy Rich Blogger method. You can start today.

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Article Writing Tips: Keyword Pitfalls to Avoid

Writing articles for the web can be highly profitable, but sometimes you won’t get the results you want. Often this is because you’re using keywords incorrectly. Let’s look at three pitfalls you should avoid.

1. Boring Your Reader

If you have an intense focus on keywords, you risk boring people. Ensure that your articles are written for readers, not for the search engines. Make them as information-packed, and as interesting, as possible.

Focus on one primary keyword per article. If you use it once in the title, and a couple of times in the text, that’s enough.

Read magazines to see how professional writers make their material readable.

2. Thinking That the More Often You Use a Keyword the Better

Remember to use your primary keyword sparingly.

Forget “keyword density.” The search engines are getting very smart, and overstuffing your articles with keywords means that search engines will discount them and won’t return them as searches, because they’ll be considered web spam.

You can see this for yourself when you track the results you get with your articles. You’ll be surprised that in those articles in which you focused on what you were trying to say, you get more readers, because your articles will be more appealing.

3. Forgetting That All Keyword Data Is Historical

All keyword data is historical. This means that all the tools you use will only show you what people searched for in the past. They can’t show you what people will search for today, or at any day in the future. Therefore, rather than relying on tools, use your brain.

Think about yourself as a reader. What would you like to know about your topic? What would cause you to drop everything you’re doing and focus on reading a particular article?

Enjoy your writing: you’ll discover that when you avoid these common pitfalls, you’ll achieve more success.

Build your web writing career, step by step


Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) web writing training gives you highly marketable skills which will build your writing career for a lifetime.

You discover how to:

* Make great money writing simple Web articles

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* Develop a successful writing services practice — charge $250 an hour for your writing services

* and much, much more.

Start your new writing life today.

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Product sales: the fastest-ever way to create an ebook

Information products sell, right? You already know this, if you’ve been in Internet marketing for more than ten minutes. So you need your own product, because it means that you have on-going sales, day after day and week after week.

All well and good, you’re thinking… but you don’t have a product.

Yes, you do. You’ve got lots of material which you could convert into an ebook or other info product within 24 or 48 hours, no sweat.

The Fastest-Ever Way to Create an Information Product

It’s simple: use what you’ve already created — just repurpose all that stuff you have lying around on your hard drive, and on the web.

You can repurpose the following kinds of content into an ebook, or other information product:

* Convert an ebook you’ve written into a video course (or you can just convert a PLR ebook, for that matter);

* Convert your blog content into any kind of information product — ebook, video or audio course, membership site. It’s your blog, you can do what you like with your own material;

* Convert forum posts into an ebook. I hope you save your forum posts. :-) I admit that I didn’t, until a couple of years ago. Now I save every post I make, because they’re my words, and often spark ideas (and content) for a product somewhere down the road (please note you can’t use others’ posts);

* Convert email messages into an ebook. We all get questions. Save the responses you give — they can lead to an entire product. If one person asks you something, 50 others may be wondering the same thing (you can only use what you wrote, not what others wrote to you. If you want to use others’ words, get written permission);

* Convert your best articles into an ebook, or other info product. I have literally thousands of articles I’ve written over the years. I’m sure you have articles too. Many of your articles make the ideal jumping-off place for an info product. Bulk the product out with your own forum posts, your responses to email messages, and some PLR content, and you’re done.

Super-big, IMPORTANT warning: use your own stuff, no-one else’s

If you’re experienced online, you know this already.

If you’re inexperienced, please remember that the only material you can re-use and repurpose is material to which you have the copyright. Your own blog posts, your own email messages (NOT what others wrote to you), and your own forum posts (no-one else’s).

Go ahead — convert the stuff you already have into a product.

One point: a blogging friend to whom I suggested that he repurpose his blog posts said: “They’ve read it already!” He maintained that his readers wouldn’t pay for the same old, same old.

Here’s my response:

Hard as it may be to believe, 99.999 per cent of your readers will never read all your posts. You should be so lucky. :-) And the one reader in 100,000 who actually ploughs through it all will appreciate having it all in one easily-accessible format.

You’ll find too, that when you repurpose content, you add, delete, and revise, because you’ve gained experience since you wrote the material, and you have more to say.

So get to it — start creating your FAST ebook today. :-)

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Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products

Are you make as much money as you could be making? Chances are that you’re not. There’s no shame in this. Writers often struggle to find their own special niche.

If you love to write, then you’ll love the information in my new ebook/ coaching package, Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products.

Write what you like, when you like, and make an income you’ve only dreamed of.

Enjoy. :-)

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New blogger? Take the free and easy scenic route to blogging success


I’ve been blogging for a decade, and in my blogging training, I encourage bloggers to focus on content first. Create your first couple of blogs on a free platform. It’s content which gets you found in the search engines, and starts you making money from your blog.

Once you’re comfortable with creating content regularly, you can switch to WordPress, or another blogging application for pro bloggers.

But which free blogging platform should you use?

Either Blogger, or Posterous, are excellent if you’re new to blogging. You can set up a Blogger blog in less than one minute. Posterous is even easier to set up: just send an email message, and you’ve created a blog.

Remember that content always comes first. It’s much more important than the platform you use.

Once you’ve established your blog, and are making money with it, you can always set up a WordPress site, and can then import your free blog’s content if you wish.

Best-ever WordPress theme for affiliate marketers, and professional bloggers

Looking for the best WordPress theme (which comes with its own squeeze page template)? FlexSqueeze makes setting up WordPress in any niche amazingly easy. I love it, and I’ve already deployed it on several sites. (I’ll be converting all my sites to this theme — it has everything you need.)

This theme just works, and if you’re an experienced blogger, you know how truly rare that is.

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