Product Creation Made Easy: Create an Ebook in Three Steps

Are you new to creating information products? If you are, you need a process to follow which makes it easy. Once you’ve created your first ebook, the next one will be much easier and from then on there will be no stopping you.

Let’s look at three steps you can follow.

1. How-To Ebooks Are Easy: What Do You Know How to Do?

If you need to do a lot of research, you can spend so much time on it that you never get around to creating your product.

Therefore choose a how-to topic — something which you know how to do, and which others want to learn, and which you can easily explain in your product.

Make a list of five things which you know very well, and which others would pay to learn to do. Think about your hobbies, what you’re doing your job, and what you do in your free time. Everyone has areas in which they’re an expert.

2. Outline the How-To Process: Keep It Simple

Choose one topic from your list of five.

Don’t worry about whether it’s the best topic; you’ll create more than one product. Think of this first product as a learning process. You’re learning how to do something which can make incredible money for you over time.

Next, create a list of steps in the how-to process. For example, if you want to teach someone the basics of creating an ebook cover in Photoshop, write down the steps one after another, in a list. You’re creating your ebook (or video product) chapters.

At the beginning of the list, write “Introduction”. This chapter introduces the topic, and the author, and gives instructions on how to use the ebook.

Drop down one line and write “Why.”

You need to tell people why they should learn how to create their own ebook covers in Photoshop. Reasons you could give include: it saves them money, once they know how to do it they can make money selling their services, and so on.

3. Write As if You’re Talking to a Friend: Tell Him How to Do It

Writing is easy when you think of it as talking. The best writing is completely transparent. You feel as if the writer is speaking directly to you, as if you’re chatting chat over coffee or a beer.

Go through all the steps in your list (chapters) one by one.

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Enjoy. :-)

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