Product creation: three easy ways

There are different ways you can go to create an online income. Many choose the affiliate route and sell other people’s products for a cut of the proceeds. Still others find success with creating and selling their own products. Creating a product can be a lot of work, especially if writing is not one of your strong suits, and creating a product can take a fair chunk of your time. But there are ways around both these problems and I’ll explain 3 easy ways to have a product ready to promote in no time.

Interview experts in your niche

This is not hard to do and several in-depth interviews can make for a really great product. It does require a little work in trying to find the experts and pin them down to a time when you can do the audio interview. You also need to come up with some really good questions.

Be aware of the experts’ time and don’t go on and on. The more people you have to interview, the longer it takes to put it all together. Generally, the fewer the interviews, the smaller the product and the faster it will get done.

Turn PLR into a product

You can do this by starting with PLR article bundles, adding value, and turning them into an ebook or report. Add value by adding to the articles with further explanations, examples, and personal stories. Include photos from or, plus any graphics to make the report or ebook look more professional. Turn the whole thing into a PDF and it’s ready to go out the door.

You can also take a product that you have PLR to and do the same thing. Change the name, add lots of value, take it to the next level. I suggest you get new graphics done for the header and the ebook cover. The time you spend making it original is worth it, and it certainly takes less time to do this than to create a product from scratch.

Put together articles from an article directory

Find several articles that complement each other in the same niche that would make a great report when put together. Contact the authors and ask permission for what you want to do. They should be happy to give you permission as it’s extra exposure for them. You can either agree to leave their bio after their article or put all the bios at the end of the report on a resources page. Put these articles together while adding a paragraph at the end of each to make it flow smoothly (segue) into the next.

Try one of these easy ideas for creating a product and I think you’ll find it’s not as hard or as lengthy a process as you imagined it would be. Now you’re a product creator and with your new-found confidence you should be able to produce products quickly on demand.

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