Product sales: the fastest-ever way to create an ebook

Information products sell, right? You already know this, if you’ve been in Internet marketing for more than ten minutes. So you need your own product, because it means that you have on-going sales, day after day and week after week.

All well and good, you’re thinking… but you don’t have a product.

Yes, you do. You’ve got lots of material which you could convert into an ebook or other info product within 24 or 48 hours, no sweat.

The Fastest-Ever Way to Create an Information Product

It’s simple: use what you’ve already created — just repurpose all that stuff you have lying around on your hard drive, and on the web.

You can repurpose the following kinds of content into an ebook, or other information product:

* Convert an ebook you’ve written into a video course (or you can just convert a PLR ebook, for that matter);

* Convert your blog content into any kind of information product — ebook, video or audio course, membership site. It’s your blog, you can do what you like with your own material;

* Convert forum posts into an ebook. I hope you save your forum posts. :-) I admit that I didn’t, until a couple of years ago. Now I save every post I make, because they’re my words, and often spark ideas (and content) for a product somewhere down the road (please note you can’t use others’ posts);

* Convert email messages into an ebook. We all get questions. Save the responses you give — they can lead to an entire product. If one person asks you something, 50 others may be wondering the same thing (you can only use what you wrote, not what others wrote to you. If you want to use others’ words, get written permission);

* Convert your best articles into an ebook, or other info product. I have literally thousands of articles I’ve written over the years. I’m sure you have articles too. Many of your articles make the ideal jumping-off place for an info product. Bulk the product out with your own forum posts, your responses to email messages, and some PLR content, and you’re done.

Super-big, IMPORTANT warning: use your own stuff, no-one else’s

If you’re experienced online, you know this already.

If you’re inexperienced, please remember that the only material you can re-use and repurpose is material to which you have the copyright. Your own blog posts, your own email messages (NOT what others wrote to you), and your own forum posts (no-one else’s).

Go ahead — convert the stuff you already have into a product.

One point: a blogging friend to whom I suggested that he repurpose his blog posts said: “They’ve read it already!” He maintained that his readers wouldn’t pay for the same old, same old.

Here’s my response:

Hard as it may be to believe, 99.999 per cent of your readers will never read all your posts. You should be so lucky. :-) And the one reader in 100,000 who actually ploughs through it all will appreciate having it all in one easily-accessible format.

You’ll find too, that when you repurpose content, you add, delete, and revise, because you’ve gained experience since you wrote the material, and you have more to say.

So get to it — start creating your FAST ebook today. :-)

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Enjoy. :-)

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