Search and Find: Can Google’s New Search Results Make More Money for You?

Google search just got better. To see how, visit Google and enter any search term you choose.

For example, I searched for “affiliate marketing.”


Once you get the results, you’ll see a three-column layout. As always the ads are on the right side of your screen, and at the top of the page.

Your search results’ links are on the left, and if you click “Page previews” as in the image above, you get nifty previews of pages in the results.

Here’s how you can use the new search results to make money.

Use the New Search Results Make More Money

There are lots of ways to save time and make more money now that you have more information at your fingertips.

Let’s look at a few ways I just came up with — you can find plenty more. :-)

1. Click the Updates link to see what people are talking about right now — and get ideas you can use


The Updates link takes you to Google Real Time search, which tells you what people are saying about your search term (“affiliate marketing” in our case), right now on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

You can use this real world info in many ways; I like to use it to find new keyword terms I can exploit. For example, I notice that someone just asked “Are there people that make a living off Affiliate Marketing?”. “Affiliate marketing make a living” turns out to be a popular keyword (yes, keywords can be phrases), and I’ve just added that to my keywords list.

2. Find videos you can embed on your sites — find great content fast

If you’ve got lots of money-making sites, as I have, updating those sites is simple: add a video, and the search engines can see that your sites are alive, and will send you more traffic.

3. Find affiliate products to promote: add more shopping sites to the results

You want to make money with your sites, so you need affiliate products. That’s super-easy now, just click the More shopping sites link, and you’ll find products within your niche to promote.


There’s lots more you can do with Google’s new search results to make more money. Give it a try yourself, I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

And if you too have lots of moneymaking sites, you’ve got ways to refresh your sites and increase your income, with little extra effort.

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