Search Engine Marketing – How to make Money Online Automatically

Want to make money online automatically, and for free? You can, when you use the search engines to do your marketing for you. Discover how, in this article.

Let’s get a definition out of the way first. What’s “search engine marketing” (SEM)?

In SEM, you’re using the search engines to market Web sites, products and services, either commercially, using paid placement, or organically. In organic SEM, which we’re discussing, the search engines return your Web pages as search query results, bringing you free traffic.

Step by Step to Organic Search Engine Marketing

Let’s look at a step by step process you can use to get organic traffic for free from the search engines.

1. Research Keywords – Which Keywords Will Buyers Use when They Want to Buy from You?

Your first step is to research keywords, and find those keywords which your buyers will use when they’re searching for your products, and are ready to buy.

You can find free keyword research tools by entering “free keyword tool” into a search engine’s query box. You can also use commercial keyword services.

2. Use Those Keywords in Your Web Content

Your next step is to use the keywords your buyers use in your Web content. Focus on two or three keywords per Web page, and use them naturally.

When your pages are indexed by the search engines, you will begin to get traffic.

3. Get Backlinks to Your Content Using the Searched-For Keywords

Google returns Web pages as search query results based on a secret algorithm which ranks pages according to their authority and trust. Therefore, your Web pages need backlinks from pages which Google trusts.

There are many ways of getting links, including paying for them. However, the best way to get links (although it’s not easy) is to provide great content, which accrues links naturally.

So there you have three steps to search engine marketing. These simple steps will help you to make money online automatically, year after year from free organic traffic.

Do It Yourself Copywriting – Never Be at the Mercy of a Copywriter Again

Got your own business? Write YOUR OWN copy!

If you have your own business, you need a top copywriter. Great copy can double and triple the income from your advertising. But copywriters are expensive, if that is, you can hire them at all. In my own copywriting practice, I take on very few new clients, because I’m too busy serving the clients I already have.

So why not write your own copy? Developing copywriting skills means that you’re never at the mercy of a copywriter: write your own copy, and build your business (and save money).

I’ve created a new class, “Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” - takes you from beginner to copywriting pro. Join now – save thousands, and write your own copy.

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