Social Bookmarking: Should You Add It to Your Marketing Arsenal?

Social bookmarking for online marketing has a several benefits:

* It can get your site indexed quickly;

* It’s free;

* It can help you to build your network.

Unfortunately, there are cons to using social bookmarking too:

* It can become a time sink;

* The traffic you receive is low-quality, because it’s “social”. Your traffic just isn’t in a buying mood.

My advice?

If you enjoy browsing the web, and bookmarking content which is useful to your audience (as well as your own content), by all means do it. It couldn’t hurt.

However, social bookmarking should never form more than a small part of your marketing strategy, as stated, the quality of the traffic you’ll get is low.

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One Response to Social Bookmarking: Should You Add It to Your Marketing Arsenal?

  1. I agree that social bookmarking can do a lot for getting traffic to your sites. I don’t spend a ton of time on it, as you suggested, but I do enjoy it while I’m bookmarking lots of personal stuff!
    I look at it as down time for my brain, like TV can be, lol, while I’m actually creating backlinks, socializing, and marking personal points of interest.
    I see it as a win-win!

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