Social Networking: Increasing Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is a social networking site which is just about mainstream: after all, when it’s talked about on Oprah, it’s hardly an esoteric activity. If you’re just getting started on the social networking sites, Twitter is a way of getting your feet wet.

(BTW, you can follow me on Twitter if you wish.)

Before you do anything else, upload your picture to Twitter so people can see what you or your brand logo looks like. This is the start of branding yourself via Twitter.

The next step is to add a bio to your profile. You can look at what other people are putting and come up with one of your own. Ideally, you should list your business interests and add a dash of humor.

After you get those two things going, start following a few people you know and who know you. Tweet in their direction by using an @ in front of their Twitter name. This ensures that they will see it when they check their “mentions” (their @name) on their Twitter page. And everyone checks because they want to know who’s talking to them or about them. Don’t forget to use the @ sign.

So you’ve got a couple tweets out there and you’re following a few people. The next step is to throw in a few retweets (RT), which you do by taking someone else’s profound or informative tweet and copying and pasting it in with an RT and @theirname added to the front of it.

Offer some great tweet quotes yourself and be sure to tweet about any awesome article you just read, including the link. You are making yourself useful and your tweets valuable.

Now… you can start following lots of people and most of them will follow you back. What’s the purpose of this? Well, the more targeted followers you have on Twitter, the more likely some of them will buy from you when you tweet occasional promotions of your products or services.

All the steps you’ve done prior to this ensure that your Twitter profile is attractive to others. When you follow them, they’re going to check out your Twitter page (unless they do auto-follows) and see if you’re worth following.

To get targeted followers, go to well-known marketers in your field of interest. For example, if you’re an internet marketer you’ll want to follow people like Joel Comm, John Reese, Mike Filsaime, etc… whoever you’d like to follow.

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