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Article Writing Tips: Keyword Pitfalls to Avoid

Writing articles for the web can be highly profitable, but sometimes you won’t get the results you want. Often this is because you’re using keywords incorrectly. Let’s look at three pitfalls you should avoid. 1. Boring Your Reader If you … Continue reading

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Keyword tools: choosing the best for you

I’m often asked: what’s the best keyword tool? It’s an impossible question to answer, because the best tool depends on your needs at the moment: * Are you launching a Pay Per Click campaign? * Doing article marketing? * Writing … Continue reading

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Keyword research for beginners

When you start out and want to make money online, there’s a lot to learn. For example, do you find the whole “keyword” thing mysterious? Let’s try and make it easy. Here’s a two part process for finding keywords to … Continue reading

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Writing Articles for Cash: an Easy Formula

Do you want to make money writing articles? Article marketing is a great way of selling affiliate products. Here’s a formula you can follow. 1. Find a Product to Sell and Write a Review Your first step is to find … Continue reading

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Keywords and your Web site

Your keywords can make you money, or they can lose you money. I know it’s hard to get keywords right, but it’s worth thinking about them because keywords get you traffic, and when you have traffic, you can make money … Continue reading

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