Testimonials and how to get them

You’ve created an information product, and you’re raring to go. You (or your copywriter) wrote the sales page, but there’s a stumbling block… testimonials.

In short, you need them, but how do you get them?

Testimonials have been around a long time in the offline world, and having testimonials on your online sales page or website is no different. People are giving their endorsement of your product, and this goes a long way as social proof. Potential buyers may be on the fence about buying your product but when they see positive comments from others who have tried and benefited from the product, they see it as proof that it works.

Getting testimonials may not take much effort on your part if you’re a well-known marketer who has a trusting relationship with your list, but it takes a little more work if you’re untried and unknown.

Here’s what you can do to get testimonials:

Offer your product free on a forum you frequent in exchange for honest comments, and a testimonial if they liked it. Some may see this as bribery, but really you are asking them for honest feedback. Sometimes they give constructive criticism that you can use to improve your product before you release it for sale to the public. Put a limit on the number you’ll give away for free to get comments or you’ll get bombarded with too many requests.

If you see a request from someone else to try their product and leave them a testimonial, do it. When you’re done reviewing it and offering a sincere (not over the top and gushy) testimonial, you can ask them to do the same for you.

Think about calling in some favors. Have you helped out a fellow marketer in the past by proofing his copy, leaving lots of comments on his blog, or retweeting all his promotions? Ask for the testimonial. Email him a request and don’t forget to add the link for his complimentary copy. And who knows, he might like it enough to want to become an affiliate.

Go to your list. Explain that you will give out your new product for free to the first 5 or 7 people if they promise to give you a testimonial/feedback in 48 hours. Not only do you get testimonials but this works to create some buzz around your product.

This is a bit after the fact, but you can always put a request for feedback or positive comments in a READ ME file in the zip folder that goes out to everyone who buys your product. Grab the first couple positive responses and quickly put them up on your sales page.

Give a time limit on all your requests to keep people focused. Send them reminders when the time is up and many of them will drop everything to comply. But keep in mind there are some people who will take the product and run without so much as a thank you or testimonial, so ask for more of them than you think you’ll need.

Testimonials are a very important way to help convince potential buyers to purchase your product. They are the social proof you need on your sales page so take some time gathering them, preferably before your product goes live.

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