The easiest way to get traffic, and sales

Affiliate marketers are always looking for traffic. More traffic equals more sales, right?

Yes and no.

I’ve been looking over my stats for 2009, and here’s what I found: niche blogs I own with minimal traffic (50 or so visitors a day) are making the most income for me. These dinky little blogs (most have fewer than ten posts), get traffic and make sales, week after week.

These little charmers get no love from me. I don’t promote them anywhere, because I have other larger blogs which have my focus. To be honest, my interest in the topic of these little blogs is just about zero. I created them to make money, and they do.

So what’s the easiest way to get traffic and get sales?

Here you go:

1. Choose a niche in which people have real problems (weight loss and other health challenges are good, people worry about their health; it impacts every area of their life). Narrow the niche down if it’s very broad;

2. Create a blog. Choose a domain name which is related to the niche;

3. Write blog posts over the course of a month or two. (Give good information, as well as product reviews);

4. Add the blog to RSS directories;

5. Write an article or two for article directories.

That’s it. Do that, and you’ll get targeted traffic and you’ll make sales.

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