Twitter Marketing: How Much Time Should You Spend on Twitter Each Day?

Are you using Twitter for marketing? Many people are using this site and are getting great results. But how much time do you need to spend? That will depend on what you want to achieve.

1. Create Plan(s) for What You Want to Achieve

Your first step is to create a plan.

Let’s say you want to use Twitter to make your affiliate marketing more effective. Write down a brief plan, with no more than four items.

For example, you could write;

* promote affiliate product X;

* write a review of product X;

* write 10 tweets promoting product X;

* Post 10 tweets throughout the day.

This plan is very simple, and easy to put into practice. (Check your sales once the plan’s completed.)

2. Decide on a Timeframe

Now that you’ve created one Twitter plan, decide on a time frame for putting that plan into action. In our simple plan above, the time frame is a single day. However often you’ll create more complex plans which will take longer to complete.

Remember that Twitter should be an adjunct to the other forms of marketing you do. It can make all your other marketing much more effective.

Want to rely just on Twitter? Unfortunately, unless you have hundreds of thousands of followers, it’s unlikely that you could make a great living using the site on its own.

Therefore incorporate tweeting into all your marketing activities, rather than thinking of it as something apart.

For example, perhaps you’re setting up a new Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. You’ll run the campaign for the next three months. Work out how you can incorporate Twitter into that campaign, and then create a plan for doing so.

3. Use Tools Which Will Help You to Spread Your Tweets Throughout the Day

There are various Twitter automation tools, and while most of them are quite useless, there are several tools which will allow you to write your Twitter posts, and then have them automatically posted at times you choose.

These tools are great, because you can maintain a presence on Twitter even while you’re occupied with other things or are fast asleep.

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