When Writing Articles for Free Leads to a Great Income

Did you know that you can make a great income by writing articles for free? Indeed you can, but as you might expect, there’s a little more to it than appears at first glance.

When you’re writing articles for “free”, you’re getting a big benefit from your writing – cash. For example, you might be writing articles as advertising, or writing them for your own blogs and Web sites, and making money from these sites via affiliate marketing.

Here’s a BIG TIP: never, ever write for someone else for free unless you’re getting paid for it in some way. One of my mottoes, which I share with my writing students is “If it’s for free, it’s for me.” There are scammers around who will try to con you into writing as a “test,” or whatever.

How to Make Money by Writing Articles for Free

When you write articles for free, always start with a clearly defined goal: simply writing articles won’t earn you an income for months and years to come, you must know why you’re doing it, and have a way of tracking the results.

Your goal might be:

* To sell a product. This product can be your own, or someone else’s, if you earn a commission;

* To get traffic to a Web site, and to monetize that traffic in some way. On its own, traffic is pretty useless. So rather than just aim to “get traffic” aim to have that traffic do something when it arrives;

* To get leads for your business;

* To get subscribers for an ezine or memberships site.

Whatever your goal, write it down, and set a target date for its accomplishment.

Let’s look at an example. You’ve started a blog about weddings. Your goal is to monetize the blog by selling advertising, and also by selling affiliate products.

To achieve this goal, you start writing articles at the rate of ten a week. Five of the articles will be posted direct to your blog, the other five will be submitted to article directories in order to develop a flow of traffic.

In your first month, you start getting traffic to your blog – 100 visitors a day. At the end of the month, you’ve made $10 in advertising profits, and you’ve sold ten affiliate products, earning you $280.

Although this isn’t a great deal of income for writing your articles, remember that once written, they will keep earning you an income, and the more articles you write, for “free” the more income you will make.

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