WordPress Blogging: Capture your best ideas and use them later

Got a WordPress blog? If you have, check out the WordPress plugin, Post Ideas+.

As the plugin’s name suggests, it helps you to track blog post ideas. If you’re anything like me, you get ideas all the time, and write them down on any handy piece of paper, or in your To Do List. This is great, but if you have many blogs, you lose track of just where you noted your ideas for a particular blog.

Now you can keep your ideas FOR a blog, ON that blog. When you’re ready to work with a blog, log in to the dashboard, and look up your ideas.

Here’s what Post Ideas+ looks like on your WordPress dashboard.


I enjoy this plugin, but as Jonathan Bailey warns, there are a couple of problems you should be aware of:

For one, though the plugin pre-populates the title of the post when you write a post idea, it doesn’t seem to carry over the other information. The tags are not put in as tags, and the other elements, including the links and description, disappear. This can be very frustrating if you forget to open the links you were saving before hitting the “Write” link.

I’m avoiding hassles just by saving the idea, then when I’m ready to write it, I hit Edit, and copy the data, then I write the post in my desktop editor, MarsEdit. Yes, it’s a workaround, but at least you’ve captured the idea at the moment inspiration strikes.

If you’re using WordPress to create your Mini Site Formula sites, you’ll love this plugin. It can be a real challenge to keep up with all your sites — but as you know, it’s worth it. :-)

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