Writing Articles – 4 Steps to Turning Articles Into Traffic

Did you know that even if you’re a total newbie to making money online, you can get traffic, and make sales from that traffic, by writing articles? Here are four steps to success.

I’ve been online since the 1980s, way before the Web. Over the years I’ve tried just about every method to get traffic, but the magical formula to getting all the traffic I want is simple: write articles which are crafted to get traffic from the search engines.

Here’s how – just follow these steps.

1. What Do Your Visitors Want to Know? Tell Them

Every article starts with your audience. What do they want to know? Make a list. This list will give you lots of ideas.

If you’re new to writing articles, you may be worried that you’ll give all your secrets away. Forget that concern. There’s so much to cover on any topic that that isn’t a problem.

Your prospects are looking for information; if you can provide it, you’re golden.

2. Use a Keyword Tool and Write Descriptions for Your Articles

If you’re not using a keyword tool – start now. Your traffic finds you via the keywords they type into search engine query fields – you must know what those keywords are and use them.

When you’re posting articles to your own sites, write descriptions, and put the description into the description meta tag. Your descriptions show up on the search query results pages – they’re advertisements for your articles. A great description gets clicks.

3. Post Your Articles to Article Directories

The article directories bring you traffic – they’ll bring you most of your traffic when your Web site is new. Even when you’re site starts getting traffic, the article directories will keep sending you traffic for years to come.

So post some of your articles to article directories.

4. Blog – the Search Engines Love Blogs

You need a blog. Blogs are indexed much more quickly than static sites, so create a blog, and post articles to your blog as well as to your primary site.

Add your blog to blog directories, and as you post articles to your blog, they will send you traffic, as well as the traffic you receive from direct searches.

So there you have four simple steps to turning articles into traffic. Writing articles ensures that you have an ever-increasing flow of traffic to your site – and that means an ever-increasing income.

Develop a great income writing for the Web – start by writing simple articles

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