Writing articles: do article spinners work?

Every so often, I get questions about article spinners. Many of these applications are available. Some you download to your computer, others are used as web apps.

Essentially these apps work by turning one article you’ve written into many articles, in various ways.

Do they work?

A disclaimer up front: I don’t use article spinners. I tried one web-based spinner a few years ago, and didn’t like it. As far as I could tell, it did no harm, but there were no visible benefits FOR ME in using it either.

Before you consider buying such an app, ask yourself a couple of questions: “What are my online goals? How will a spinner help me to achieve them?”

Write down the answers. If you wrote something like: “I want to make as much money as fast as possible” for example, then describe how the spinner will help you to achieve that.

I’m neither for article spinners, nor against them. Just be clear in your own mind how, when, where and why you’ll use such an application. Otherwise, you’re just wasting money, and time.

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