Writing Articles for Cash: an Easy Formula

Do you want to make money writing articles? Article marketing is a great way of selling affiliate products. Here’s a formula you can follow.

1. Find a Product to Sell and Write a Review

Your first step is to find a product you can sell. Join the product’s affiliate program.

Write a short review of the product, and post the review to your Web site, or if you don’t have a site, to a blog you’ve created on Blogger. Be honest in your review: tell your readers what’s good, and what’s not so good, about the product you’ve chosen.

2. Find Low-Competition Keywords for Your Niche

You can now start sending traffic to your review via article marketing. A percentage of your readers will be inspired to buy your affiliate product on the basis of your review. You’ll be paid each time someone buys.

You’ll send traffic to your review by finding low-competition keywords, and writing articles which include those keywords. Usually the keywords you’ll find will actually be four and five word phrases. Use any one of the many free or commercial keyword tools online to find those phrases.

However, remember that keyword tools give you historical data — the keywords you find are words people have used for their searches in the past. You can often find the words they’ll use in the future, by visiting forums which discuss products in the same area as your affiliate product.

For example, let’s say you want to promote a weight loss product. Visit weight loss forums, to see what people are discussing, the kinds of questions they ask, and the words they use. Make a list of the questions, and the specific words.

3. Use Your Keyword Phrase in the Article Title

Now it’s time to write articles to promote your product. Keep your articles at around 500 words, and ensure that you use one keyword phrase per article. Use the keyword phrase in the article title.

For fast writing, structure your articles like this:

* Introduction

* The body of the article, making four or five points

* The conclusion.

Use the keyword phrase in your article title, and in the first paragraph. Your research on forums has shown you what questions people are asking, so answer the questions in your articles.

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