Writing Articles for Your Web Site Equals Squirreling Profits

Are you writing articles for your Web site? You should, because every article you write can mean money in the bank for years to come. Let’s see how you can squirrel away profits from every article you write.

Many Internet marketers write articles, then stop, because they expect instant results. While you can indeed make money instantly from your articles, you should also consider the long term benefits of your articles, otherwise you’re throwing money away.

Set Goals for Your Web Site First – How Will Your Articles Help You to Achieve Those Goals?

Start by setting some goals for your Web site. Your goals could include traffic goals, and monetary goals. All things being equal, as your site gets more traffic, your income from your site will increase too.

Now create an article writing plan to help you to achieve those goals.

For example, let’s say that you’ve created an affiliate marketing site on which you’re selling alternative health products. Alternative health is a huge niche, with many competitors, but that shouldn’t faze you.

Your article writing skills will help your site to get traffic, and to grow, and you’ll get your share of traffic very quickly. As your site ages, and wins more trust from the search engines, your share of traffic will increase.

Here’s where you’ll out-shine the competition: few site owners realize the effect of a concentrated campaign of writing articles for their sites. Therefore, their sites are updated infrequently, if at all. Your site, on the other hand, with its frequent updates, attracts the search engines.

So develop a plan for writing articles for your site for the next three months. Decide on article topics, and look for affiliate products which people will want to buy.

As your site grows, your profits will grow.

Now’s the time to keep your site visitors returning to your site. Create a mailing list, so that each time you post a new article, list members are informed, and return to your site. Your mailing list gives you yet another source of traffic, and of income.

Writing articles for your Web site is the best way to build a business, and to squirrel away profits for the future. Get started today.

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