Writing Articles: from Zero to $500 a Day

Want an easy way to make money online? Writing articles can be very profitable for you. But can you really make $500 a day? You can make considerably more, if you’re prepared to put a little effort into articles.

Here’s an easy process you can follow: it’s simple, it’s effective, and it works.

1. Choose an Affiliate Product

Your first step is to choose an affiliate product to promote. Hundreds of thousands of products are available, so choose one which appeals to you and which you’d like to write about.

2. Write a Review

Next, when you’ve signed up to the affiliate program for your chosen product, write a review of it. Make your review around 300 to 500 words long. Write an honest review: tell your readers what you really think about the product.

3. Add Your Review to a Blog

Either create a blog on your own domain, or choose one of the free blogging applications. Creating a blog on your own domain is preferable. When your blog is on your own domain you have complete control of it.

Remember that you’ll be making money with your review for months and years to come: if your review suddenly vanishes, all your article writing is wasted effort.

4. Write Articles Promoting Your Review

Write articles promoting your review: that is, articles on the topic of your product, and pointing to your review.

For example, if you’re promoting a weight loss product, write articles about weight loss. The articles’ resource box should point to your review. As people read your article, they will read your review, and some will buy the product, earning you a commission each time.

Big tip: the longer your articles are online the more valuable they are, because the more views (and sales) they will garner. If you haven’t made a sale in the first week, don’t feel that the process isn’t working.

5. Repeat!

Now just repeat the process. Choose another product, write another review, and promote your review.

As you can see the process is very simple. However don’t be deceived by its simplicity. It’s an extremely powerful way make money online just by writing articles. Be consistent and persistent, and you will indeed make $500 and more each day.

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