Writing Articles – How to Make Each Article a Cash Machine

Want to turn articles into cash… year after year? While there are many reasons for writing articles, the primary reason is to make money. Let’s see how this works.

You can make money writing articles in many ways – by promoting your own sites and products, by affiliate marketing, and by writing articles for others.

First let’s consider a vital point: you must understand competition for attention online so that you will make great money with your articles.

Online, competition is fierce, and it’s getting fiercer. Major companies with multi-million dollar advertising budgets compete for attention with micro-businesses with zero budgets.

You can compete too, if you’re smart when you write your articles. “Writing smart” means writing articles which will get attention for years to come.

Let’s look at three tips which will help you to write smart, and turn each article you write into a cash machine.

1. Create a Goal for Each Article

Before you plan an article – or a batch of articles – create a goal.

I’ve heard of article writers bragging that they write 30 articles a day. While this is commendable, it’s rarely effective. Your primary goal is to get each article indexed in the search engines, so that it will generate traffic for years to come.

The search engines are getting smarter; if your articles aren’t well thought out and planned, and if they’re similar to what’s already indexed, they won’t get indexed at all – you may get a little traffic in the first couple of weeks, then your articles are consigned to the digital junk heap by the search engines.

2. Provide Value in Each Article So Your Readers Keep Reading Until They Hit Your Resource Box – and Click

In your articles, you freely give information: you give value. In effect, you’re paying your reader for his attention. You promise more value in your resource box, so your readers click on your links.

However, to get to your resource box, your reader needs to get to the end of the article.

Of course, your reader may click because your resource box is the only interesting thing in your article. However, remember that if this is the case, you’ll only get readers for a couple of weeks, until the search engines decide your article is junk, and toss it.

3. Create an Article Writing Campaign

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and constant streams of cash into your PayPal account aren’t created in a day either… they’re created with article writing campaigns.

So consider that each article is a brick which you’re adding to something you’re building – a campaign, which has specific, measurable goals.

Writing articles can bring a constant flow of cash, and every article you write can be a cash machine which pays out for years to come. The tips above will help.

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