Writing Articles That Sell: Give to Get

Writing articles which sell is a great way to make money online. Whether you’re writing articles for others, or are writing articles to promote your own products and services, these four tips will help.

1. Give: Your Titles Sell Articles’ Content

Although your articles are intended as advertising, you’re advertising using information. This means that you article titles must be relevant to what your readers are looking for.

A simple formula for great titles is “keyword plus benefit”.

Here’s an example of a title using this formula: “Dog Training: Stop Your Dog’s Nuisance Barking”. In this title the keyword is “dog training”, and the benefit is “stop your dog’s nuisance barking.”

Avoid trick titles in your articles. These are fake titles which promise a benefit and then don’t deliver. To buy from you, readers must trust you.

2. Give: What’s the Giveaway for the Reader?

What are you offering the reader in return for his time and attention? Ideally each article you write will provide a real benefit to the reader for the time he’s invested with you. If you can do this, your articles will be reprinted across the web — and with more traffic, you’ll sell more.

3. Give: Enthusiasm Makes Sales

Are you enthusiastic about your article topic?

Before you start writing, check your state of mind. Writing takes energy, and that energy comes through in your words. An enthusiastic tone will sell, whereas a dull, bored tone will not.

4. Get: Make Your Resource Box Sell

Your articles’ resource box is your chance to sell whatever it is you want to sell — whether it’s a product or a service.

As with your article headline, you must offer the reader a benefit for clicking through to your website or web sales page.

A common way of doing this is to offer something for free. However this can be a trap. If you’re offering paid services freebie hunters may not be your target audience.

Think about the sales cycle. Your article offers information, which is one step in the sales cycle. The landing page to which you send your readers should be the next stage in the sales cycle.

Often your readers will not be ready to buy immediately, so capture their email addresses to your mailing list so that you can move them further along in the sales cycle with each new contact.

Each article you write is an opportunity to make many sales. Treat your articles with respect. When you make them valuable to your readers, you’ll make sales: not just today, but for years to come.

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