Writing Articles: Your Make-Money Plan

Are you making money writing articles? If you’d like to increase your income: plan. All successful article marketers plan, here’s how you can too.

Your make-money plan for article writing has six steps; proceed step by step.

1. Decide What You’re Selling

Your articles are advertising for a product. When a prospect clicks on the link in your resource box, visits your site, then takes action and ultimately buys the product, you earn income.

If you’re new to article marketing, choose your product with care. It should not only be a product you know well, it should also be a product you like, and enjoy recommending.

2. Choose Your “Buying” Keywords

Your next step is keyword research. Choose from three to ten keywords for your product, preferably “buying” keywords which indicate that a reader is close to making a decision to buy. For example, “[Product Name] Review” is a buying keyword.

3. Assess Your Buyers — What Do They Want from the Product?

You’ve chosen your product, and your keywords. Now it’s time to think about the product’s buyers. Try to get into the mindset of buyers. What emotional triggers will they respond to? What’s their lifestyle? What do they aspire to?

4. Write a Landing or Review Page; or Send the Buyers Directly to the Product Sales Page

Successful article marketing results in sales. Think about how many steps you need for a sale with your product. Will you write your own landing or review page, adding the link to your resource box, so you can tell readers about the product?

If the product is a high-priced item, you may want to warm your prospects up first, by offering them a freebie in exchange for their contact details, so you can tell them more about the product.

On the other hand, if the product has a great sales page, and offers visitors a free report or similar to warm them up, you may decide to send prospects directly to the product sales page. (Buy a domain name and redirect it to the sales page.)

5. Create a Campaign

Now it’s time to create a campaign. Decide how many articles you’ll write. I like to write article titles and outlines at this stage, and schedule the writing in my calendar program.

6. Track Your Results

The final step in your plan is to decide how you’ll track the results. I like to use a spreadsheet for each campaign, so I can track the articles, page visits, keywords, and sales.

Writing articles is a great way to make money online, when you start with a plan.

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