Your Home Based Business Web Site – Great Content Equals Great Traffic

Are you getting all the traffic you want to your home based business Web site? Your traffic will start as a trickle, and should rapidly become a flood. Discover why great content is vital.

Your Web site can become the hub of your home business, doubling and tripling your business income each month, but you need to pay attention to it. Many businesses ignore their Web site… this is like ignoring a gold mine in your own back yard.

Firstly, let’s discuss what content is. Content is everything that’s on a Web page: text, images, audio files, advertising, videos… However, when it comes to great traffic, you want lots of text on your site’s pages, because the search engines index text, rather than images, audio files and videos etc, and it’s the search engines which will deliver great traffic.

Once you’ve got a visitor, you want to keep him on your site (great content ensures he stays for a while), and that he returns.

Fresh Content Gives Your Visitors a Reason to Return

It’s hard to get visitors to your site for the first time, so once they’re there, they must have a reason to return. You might get lucky, and they may make a purchase the first time on your site, but chances are it will take many visits before they buy, and even more visits before they buy from you again.

So add fresh content to your site at least once a week. If you want more traffic, add content more regularly. A blog is an ideal way to add content, because the search engines love blogs. Blogs also encourage interaction via the comments system; this gives your visitors another reason to come back.

You don’t have to add all the content to your site yourself. If it’s relevant to your industry, consider adding a forum to your site. When you have a forum, your visitors will create content for you.

Another way to create great user-generated content is to allow your buyers to review your products. Offer incentives for reviews – perhaps a discount on a future purchase, or a prize once a week or month.

Great content equals great traffic – create some content for your site today, and watch your traffic increase tomorrow.

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